This is the last day of theINTERMASZ construction fair!

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Already in January, together with the BUDMA trade fair, we will see the latest proposals of manufacturers and distributors of machinery and equipment for construction - there will be among them the brands represented by HKL Baumaschinen!

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A wide range of recognized brands will be presented in Poznan by Serafin company!

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Construction machinery, vehicles and auxiliary equipment



The latest offer, the most advanced technology, vehicles and specialised equipment will be presented from January 30 to February 2018 in Poznan! INTERMASZ fair will be held again, after several years, at the same time as the International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA!

We invite manufacturers and distributors to participate in INTERMASZ:

  • Machines and auxiliary equipment on the construction site
  • Machines and equipment for acquisition and processing
  • Machines and equipment for summer and winter maintenance  of roads and greenery
  • Machines and equipment for the production of building materials
  • Accessories, spare parts for machines, tools and equipment for buildings

Presentation of the latest offer of Exhibitors of INTERMASZ is addressed to:

  • Construction company - cubature and infrastructure construction
  • Institutional investors - management boards and road directors
  • Service providers - rental, lease, utility services, design offices, rental equipment construction
  • Users - mines, gravels, sawmills, aggregate aggregates
  • Developers

We invite you to participate in INTERMASZ - fair of great opportunities! January 30 - February 2, 2018, Poznan, Poland

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